Lucia Debellis Farella & Grandchildren

Keep My Children Together

The Inspiring Life of Lucia Debellis Farella

A Biography by Rosa Vittoria MacDonald

In the spirit of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Keep My Children Together tells the true story of the hard-working, loving, and insightful Lucia Debellis Farella.

Born in Italy in 1877, the youngest of nine, her mother felt Lucia was special from birth. Her family delighted in her and she brought joy to the sick patients her mother attended. Lucia's life would echo the devotion and dedication she felt for her family, friends, and neighbors.

The day Lucia turned twelve, her sister fell violently ill. Lucia volunteered to care for her young nieces and nephew while Annabella recovered. Weeks later, on her death bed, Annabella pleaded with Lucia to “keep my children together.” Lucia kept her promise. It would become the mission of her life.

Love for God and selfless devotion to her family carried Lucia through marriage, motherhood, moving to a new country, and more loss than any one woman should bear. But she persevered with grace, courage, and faith.

“With the strength God gives me, it will be done.” And it was.

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About the Author

  Rosa Vittoria MacDonald

       . . . was raised by Grandma Lucia after her mother passed away. The eighth of nine children, and the last to live at the family home with Grandma Lucia, Rosa shared a special relationship with her grandmother. Lucia's lessons, love, and powerful influence remain with her today.

Rosa began her career in the restaurant business, but her heart was always with children. Eventually she left the world of food and opened a preschool in the Portland, Oregon area. She went on to become a foster parent for trouble teens. Seeing the transformation in the lives of the children provided her with some of the greatest fulfillment of her life.

Thirty years after she made the promise to her brother that she would write Grandma Lucia's story, it is finished. Published on her 87th birthday, Keep My Children Together is Rosa's first book. She's already started writing her second.

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