Every Writer has a Unique Story

Coach Janel Guevara

Not all writers dream of crafting bestselling fiction or landing op-eds for big newspapers, just as many are happy as bloggers, magazine columnists, and content creators.

While many of us aspire to have our name on the cover of a book, there are those who simply want to help others avoid they pain they've known. Thankfully, as writers in a modern era of publishing, we are free to pursue writing in any way that feels best for us.

Sadly, some of us are afraid our dreams won't live up to others' expectations of what a writer "should" be. Secretly, we're scared to say we'd rather transform lives than become bestselling authors. But if bestseller status feels like part of our mission, let's do it!

I give you permission to publish the memoir you've been secretly scribbling for fifteen years or blog or coach or podcast. I'm here to tell you that you get to define your mission, serve your readers, and create a life you love. And I'm here to help you make it happen.

Despite what some might say, success as a writer isn't determined by bestseller status. Success is writing what we're passionate about for the audience who will enjoy or benefit from it most. That looks different for every writer.

But success isn't only about written words! It applies to our everyday life, love, and dreams too. Writers write best when they are living a full, inspired life. I love helping women find that abundant life!

Several keys to success are being connected to our spirituality and femininity, confidence in our words, knowing where to find our readers, and not feeling defeated by everyday life. You can't succeed without them. But those keys aren't a magic formula. They are a practical starting point.

For me, I love working with women who have a story to tell. They have experienced life in a unique, extraordinary, or perfectly ordinary way but felt like they had to do it alone. They learned lessons, survived heartache, discovered grace, or found a new love and possess a profound understanding - that they might not know how to fully use for good! 

But more than anything, these amazing women want to share what they've learned with their readers. They don't want their readers to face the same loneliness and frustration they've known. I help them find their voice, clarify their message, and connect with their readers, all while making sure they are pursuing their dreams, grounded in their faith and values, taking care of themselves, nurturing their important relationships, and thriving. You know, living their version of Happily Ever After.

Do you want to be one of these women? I'd love to work with you.

Who is Janel?
Janel Guevara

I'm part editor and part fairy godmother.

Years before I waved my fountain pen and dried tear-soaked pages, I was a scared new author caught in the transition taking place in the writing industry during the mid 1990s. My life was a mess and it made me unsure I was good enough for traditional publication or that I had anything worth sharing. Terrified of rejection by editors, I started my own online magazine in 1998 and published it for 12 years. 

Since then, I’ve worked with almost 200 authors, edited at least a million words, participated as faculty at writers’ conferences, created courses, taught classes, privately coached, and personally written enough content to fill more than eight books.

Today, I help women embrace the events of their life as a fairy tale. I teach them to share their stories with confidence and grace, live their life with feminine boldness and never miss a moment while they help others avoid the fear and pain they faced alone.


With my own kind of bibbidi bobbidi boo, I empower women to embrace their experiences, transform their lives, and narrate their stories to show others how to navigate difficult circumstances. I work with women, like you, who:

  • Lived through challenges but survived to become stronger from the experience
  • Believe life is supposed to be an incredible adventure, which includes drama, plot twists, heroes, and villains
  • Embrace femininity in a powerful way, yet beautiful and full of grace
  • Place spirituality and values front and center in decision making
  • Want to clarify their desires and dreams, the pursue them
  • Conquer their insecurities
  • Share their stories and life lessons in a way that's natural
  • Fill the blank pages of life with goodness and grace by taking realistic steps to create their own version of Happily Ever After. Yes, really. Happily Ever After. 💕
Kind Words


Debra Wallace

I so enjoyed working with Janel!
She was professional, yet personable.

She did a wonderful job editing my book proposal and sample chapters to meet my deadline. She also created a lovely one page for me, helped with my website and email list.

Janel also taught me how to be a better writer.

I am forever indebted to Janel and her expertise. It was a blessing to find her and work with her!

Client Debra
Client Mel


Janel started working her magic by reading my manuscript. It’s still unfinished, but our conversations got me off the cliff edge I’d been teetering on for at least a year. She was able to help me pinpoint multiple reasons why I was stuck and how to fix them. Even with all the tears and laughter of that endeavor, her optimism and reassurances built my confidence immensely.

When I decided to become a developmental editor for romantic fiction, I had no idea where to begin or how to proceed. Janel was able to get me off the ground. She held my hand through identifying my client, creating website copy, a lead magnet, and marketing emails. She was honest about what would and wouldn’t work, but encouraging at the same time.

I couldn’t have done it without her. She has both a sweet and cheery disposition, but enough umph behind it to motivate. Seriously, Janel is everything a real-life fairy godmother should be.


Stacie Lampkin

I was traumatized by writing in high school. I could never fluff a story to reach the required page limit. Though throughout college and my career, I found out I was pretty good at writing technical and scientific papers.

As I began my entrepreneurial venture, I really started doubting my ability to write. I vividly remembered how horrible I was at writing stories in my younger years. Writers' block prevented me from moving forward.

A coaching session with Janel was all I needed to get over the hump. She knew how to motivate me, encourage me and, of course, provided some really sound tips. She showed me I could write after all!

Client Stacie

When You Are Ready. . .


I can help you:

  • transform your words into hope
  • inspire others with your story
  • discover your unique voice
  • step into next level faith
  • bring femininity to your vision
  • create a life that feels like Happily Ever After
Janel Guevara

Are you ready for a fairy godmother?💕

To tell your story, you need...

How do you want to build it?

Help me write better!

Writing & Editing Package


If you've ever wished you could have an editor review your writing and give specific feedback about why something works or doesn't, this is the package for you.

You get:

  • 4 hours of 1-on-1 coaching
  • review & edit of up to 5,000 words
  • writing homework

Session 1: We'll discuss strengths and weaknesses, as well as your current writing projects. We'll review your goals and what you hope to accomplish. Then you'll provide Janel with a current project to edit.

Sessions 2-4+: We'll take 30-60 minutes to do a side-by-side review of the content Janel edited for you. She'll explain why she suggests the edits, how they apply to your writing as a whole, and other concepts you need to learn. By the end, you'll have a better grasp of your strengths and weaknesses, see how writing is edited, and possess practical writing skills to improve your other projects.

Package Price: $2500

Let's do this!

Marketing is my weakness.

Platform Building Package


From social media to curating a mailing list or building a website, then figuring out what you want to say and who wants to hear it, connecting with your reader is important for every writer. 

You get:

  • 6 hours of 1-on-1 coaching
  • a simple plan to connect with your readers
  • platform building homework

Session 1: We'll discuss strengths and weaknesses, as well as how you are already connecting with your readers. We'll talk about your readers, your desires, and what you hope to build. Then we'll create a simple plan with the tools you need to move forward building your platform using realistic steps towards your goals.

Sessions 2-4: We'll review successes and disappointments. Janel will help with the creation and editing of one sheets, site copy, social media, and/or other marketing tools that will grow your platform, plus show you how to create a publishing schedule, mailing list, and an appropriate web presence.

Package Price: $1500 

Let's do this!

My private life is chaos.

Transformational Coaching for Writers


You have words and you know how to use them. Twitter doesn't scare you, but the mold in your fridge is negotiating a tell-all book deal. Practical everyday life management is critical.

You get:

  • 6 hours of 1-on-1 coaching
  • a simple plan with helpful tools for everyday life
  • life nurturing homework

Session 1: We'll discuss strengths and weaknesses, as well as realistic goals for family life and activities, homekeeping, your dreams, and basic life coaching topics. We'll decide the best place to start and create a few realistic steps to start taming the chaos.

Sessions 2-4: We'll celebrate victories and pursue solutions for things that need additional help and consideration. Because each woman has different needs and goals, we'll revisit and refine a plan that can focus on any pertinent life topic: relationships, physical health, emotional well-being, spirituality, time management, finances, homekeeping, leisure, personal growth, etc.

Package Price: $1500

Let's do this!

Not sure?

If you'd love to work with me, but aren't sure what you need or you're not quite finished with your project, book a Discovery Call.

For an hour, we will talk about your ideas, dreams, and what you want most. Then we'll determine the best next steps for you. Win-Win.

Book A Discover Call

As you you consider working with me, please know. . .

I am not a licensed therapist. I am a coach who works with writers. While I’m happy to help any woman who has a story they want to tell, with the clients who continually find me, it seems I specialize in women who have walked through hell and survived. I help them reconnect with their spirituality, dreams, and desires to build the life they’ve always longed for, which includes writing, but my process is not a substitute for therapy.

I am aware survivors have triggers, fragile emotions, and need a compassionate ear. I am a survivor too. I intimately understand the process involved to heal, recover, and move forward to create a healthy life. I’m also keenly aware some women rush to use public writing as a substitute for therapy. I do not and will not support that action.

I approach every client as someone has begun to rebuild and enjoy their life. I help them create a simple and realistic plan to keep moving forward. Those plans involves taking the wisdom they’ve learned and writing it down in a way that will help others who are where they were.

Every client who is a trauma survivor needs to be far enough along in their healing journey to recognize triggers, manage PTSD, and be willing and able to do the work; or actively in therapy with a licensed counselor to handle unexpected emotions and memories that may arise. I reserve the right to terminate any coaching session or program where I feel uncomfortable with your emotional state or the direction you wish to tell your stories.