Every woman should have her own fairy godmother.

Those who need them most will rarely ask. Those who do seek help are often saddened by the answers they receive.

Those brave enough to face the disappointment alone, find the courage to rise up and change the world.

That's because Fairy Godmothers aren't born, they are forged in the fires of adversity.

For years, I've been my own fairy godmother. When I needed help, the people I turned to let me down. I vowed if I ever discovered the root of my problem and learned how to fix it, I would show up for those still struggling with it. Thirty years later, I have insight, skills, and know how to get things done.

In the fall of 2019, I led my first program for women who have hearts to tell their story so it will support and encourage others. As we laughed and learned, I was in awe as I saw their spirit and passion. That’s when I realized I am training the next generation of fairy godmothers.

These women will rise up, stand in the gap, and be the voice for those trying to find their way out of the darkness. They will take their place as fairy godmothers. Together, we will transform the world.

I wrote The Fairy Godmother Manifesto to encapsulate what I think it means to be a real-life fairy godmother.

Fairy Godmother
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We may not have movie magic, but our kind of bibbidi bobbidi boo is much more powerful:

The lessons we learn, the stories we share, and our passion transform the world, one person at a time.

We worked hard to find every shred of silver lining when our lives were in tatters.

We’ve made so much lemonade we can squeeze lemons in our sleep.

We dodged trains until we found the light at the end of the tunnel. Then we stood in awe when it opened to a world we never dreamed we’d find.

We are the clichéd “braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” but nothing about our lives is stereotypical or ordinary.

We are capable women with tender hearts who don’t fully understand our superpowers, but we push forward, learning as we go.

We embrace our femininity, but we aren’t afraid to offer tough love when necessary. We happily serve it with kindness, compassion, and a sprinkle of sass.

We seek spiritual guidance in all we do. We know we can’t fix others or their problems, but with God as our source, we can comfort, cheer, and pray until a miracle unfolds.

We share our stories to inspire, renew, and nurture hope in those who have lost it. We know what it feels like to be alone and afraid with no answers.

Once our people find their inner strength, we help them grow into their own version of abundant life. Because we know you don’t find Happily Ever After, you create it.

We are intentional to cultivate a life that embraces our calling and mission. We work with focus and passion to build our dreams and carry out our desires. We have no time to ignore our values and principles because we know the pain that causes.

We plan for the future, yet live one day at a time, because blessings are never found on our calendar or to do list. They arrive, unannounced, in moments of serendipity.

We know our biggest failures and most devastating circumstances are our greatest assets. We aren’t afraid to share the wisdom gleaned because transformation follows redemption.

We are real-life Fairy Godmothers.

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