Hi! I'm Janel.
Coach Janel Guevara

As part editor and part fairy godmother,

I help women share their story and become the protagonist of their life.

With my own kind of bibbidi bobbidi boo, I empower women to embrace their experiences, transform their lives, and narrate their stories to show others how to navigate difficult circumstances. I work with women, like you, to:

  • Acknowledge life is an incredible adventure, complete with drama, plot twists, heroes, and villains
  • Embrace femininity in a powerful way, by being bold and visible, yet beautiful and full of grace
  • Place spirituality and values front and center in decision making
  • Clarify your desires
  • Conquer your insecurities
  • Share your stories and life lessons in a way that's natural for you
  • Fill the blank pages of your life with goodness and grace by taking realistic steps to create your own version of Happily Ever After. Yes, really. Happily Ever After. 💕

Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your amazing story?

Yes! I'm ready.

Every woman has a story. Even me. Some have survived all the fairytale drama we love to read about: evil stepmothers, real life trolls, dragons, and demons, awful diseases, frogs that never became princes, the heartbreak of loss too soon, and unspeakable anguish no one should ever endure. Only our lives aren't fiction.

Each of these brave women has learned lessons, morals, and hard-earned wisdom. But more importantly, they possess a genuine desire to help others navigate the fresh hell that accompanies unexpected events. These amazing ladies want to share what they've learned to help others avoid or triumph over the heartache they've known all too well.

These women should be applauded because they have lived an epic tale. If they were characters in a novel, we’d cheer for them and wait for the final plot twist to produce Happily Ever After. Because this is real life, I’m here to help them share their story and create a life they love with the remains.

I wave my fountain pen and shuffle words, help clarify whys, encourage dreams, and tell stories so one other woman might be blessed to find Happily Ever After.

To tell your story, you need...
Practical Writing Skills

Practical Writing Knowledge

If you've ever started strong and then got stuck in the middle, not able to finish an article, or felt like your "final" draft was missing something, you're not alone. It is possible to make peace with grammar, style, structure, and find the gift of words your friends already know you possess.

Anyone can put words on paper, but it takes understanding and experience in making words dance on the page to produce pieces that resonate with your audience.

Marketing & That Stuff


If you cringe when faced with the thought you have to market your story, are confused by where to start, struggle with tech or get a headache from social media, hang in there. You can learn to introduce people to your story, writing, coaching, or services, and leave them wanting more without compromising your integrity.

Building a platform to find and connect with your audience, is one of the most difficultand valuabletasks you will accomplish.

Writing Life Balance

Everyday Skills & A Plan

If you're ready for practical solutions to keep up with bottomless tummies, dirty laundry, dust bunnies, and family commitments, while having time to write and share your story, know that a few simple  concepts and plans can help you. And you don't have to be over-caffinated or lose your mind.

It's one thing to write well and share it with the world, it's another to manage the chaos behind-the-scenes of your perfectly polished prose.

By taking small steps, looking for wins, and listening for whispers of wisdom, you can master anything when you're ready.

If you're ready, keep reading.

The Number 42

When I made a list. . .

     . . . of things writers need to know, consider, or do to write well, build a platform, and juggle everyday life, I came up with forty-two. FORTY-TWO!

As a longtime editor and author, I know there is a lot to learn to be an effective writer - it’s not simply mastering grammar. Until I counted, I didn’t  realize how many! I won't shame you if you feel overwhelmed or like you're missing something. You might be!

With a bit of bibbidi bobbidi boo, I took those forty-two items, organized them into three pretty lists, created a video for each list to show you how to use it, and added a worksheet to help you know where to start. I call it The Writing Life Checklist.

If you're ready to learn what 42 things will make you feel more confident to share you're story, grab a FREE copy now!

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The Writing Life Checklist

As a new writer, I was so afraid of rejection that I started my own magazine.

Years before I waved my fountain pen and dried tear-soaked pages, I was a scared new author caught in the transition taking place in the writing industry during the late 1990s. My life was a mess and it made me unsure I was good enough for traditional publication. Terrified of rejection by editors, I started my own online magazine. I ran headlong into uncharted digital publishing and never looked back.

In 1998, with the help of a friend, I used new-fangled Internet technology to create my dream. What started as a wishful idea to encourage women, serendipitously turned into a collaborative endeavor where new authors could be published and get tips to improve their writing. All while I got firsthand experience as an editor.

Through the years, I’ve worked with almost 200 authors, edited at least a million words, participated as faculty at writers’ conferences, created courses, taught classes, privately coached, and personally written enough content to fill more than eight books. With my unique background, I found myself providing more coaching than editing at many critiques and editorial sessions. That's when I finally decided to combine my love of coaching and writing into working with women who love sharing words as much as me.

Today, I help women embrace the events of their life as a fairy tale. I teach them to share their stories with confidence and grace. But more importantly, I work with them to create a life they love. Read more of my story → Go!

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Writing is easy. Writing well takes work.

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