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Hi! I'm Janel.
Coach Janel Guevara

As part editor and part fairy godmother. . .

I show women how to transform lives by sharing their story.

With my own kind of bibbidi bobbidi boo, I help women sift through their experiences, gather their wisdom, discover the golden thread of their story, and use it to show others how to thrive in similar circumstances. After we've done that, I guide them to redeem their pain by telling their story and build a life they love. It feels a lot like a fairytale journey to Happily Ever After, only it's real life.

Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your story?


Yes! I'm ready.
The Number 42

When I made a list. . .

     . . . of things writers need to know, consider, or do to write well, connect with their readers, and thrive in everyday life, I came up with forty-two. FORTY-TWO!

As a longtime editor and author, I know there is a lot to learn to effectively tell your story - it’s not simply mastering grammar and throwing it on a blog somewhere. Until I counted, I didn’t realize how much. I won't shame you if you feel overwhelmed or like you're missing something. You might be!

With a bit of bibbidi bobbidi boo, I took those forty-two items, organized them into three pretty lists, created a video for each list to show you how to use it, and added a worksheet to help you know where to start. I call it The Writer's Checklist.

If you're ready to learn what 42 things will make you feel more confident to share you're story, grab a FREE copy now! 💕

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Individual Attention

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

One-on-One Coaching

  • Learn to tell your story
  • Get help sharing your message
  • Learn to connect with your audience
  • Transform behind-the-scenes into something you're proud to call your life
  • Put all the pieces together and create a life that feels like Happily Ever After
Work with Me

Grounded Education

Nonfiction Storytellers Mastermind

Group Experience

  • Clarify your story, dreams, vision, and mission
  • Identify those who need to hear your story
  • Harness change to transform your fears, inadequacies, mindset
  • Learn the mechanics of telling your story
  • Connect with your people
  • Create a plan to manage behind-the-scenes details
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As a new writer, I was so afraid of rejection that I started my own magazine.

Years before I waved my fountain pen and dried tear-soaked pages, I was a scared new author caught in the transition taking place in the writing industry during the late 1990s. My life was a mess and it made me unsure I was good enough for traditional publication. Terrified of rejection by editors, I started my own online magazine. I ran headlong into uncharted digital publishing and never looked back.

Through the years, I’ve worked with almost 200 authors, edited at least a million words, participated as faculty at writers’ conferences, created courses, taught classes, privately coached, and personally written enough content to fill more than eight books. With my unique background, I found myself providing more coaching than editing at many critiques and editorial sessions. That's when I finally decided to combine my love of coaching and writing into working with women who love words as much as me.

Today, I help women embrace the events of their life as a fairy tale. I teach them to share their stories with confidence and grace. But more importantly, I work with them to create a life they love. Read more of my story → Go!

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Writing is easy.
Telling your story takes some bibbidi bobbidi boo.

Several times a month I send out ideas, resources, and tips to help you transform your words into hope, discover your unique voice, embrace the calling of writer, step into next level faith, bring femininity to your vision, and create a life that feels a lot like Happily Ever After.

I call it JEWEL - Janel's Encouraging Wordful Expression Letter.
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