transform your story into hope

Transform Your Story Into Hope

Fairy Godmother

Have you squeezed so many proverbial lemons that you can make lemonade in your sleep?

                             Do you know how to tell the difference between the light at the end of the tunnel and another train? Would you like to?

         Have you made peace with your story, but still struggle in some areas and wish you knew why?

Do you wonder how to redeem the ashes of your life?

      Would you love to turn life changing moments into something you can use to encourage others?


Yes? Welcome! You're in the right place. 💕

Hi! I'm Janel.
Janel Guevara

      When we find ourselves lost and alone with no idea what to do, it's frustrating our fairy godmother doesn't magically appear with a bit of wisdom and new shoes.

Living through difficult circumstances and experiences take a toll on a woman. Daily life becomes a crusade to survive and get through it - whatever IT might be. If we ever manage to break free, some of us made a vow to help those who are still stuck in it. When we're finally ready, often, we don't know where to start or how to keep our promise. I know I didn't.

In 1998 I started my own magazine to publish stories of hope. I found myself teaching new writers how to improve their material and loved it! Then women who needed help writing, but didn't want it to be their primary focus, found their way to me. That's when I realized what I teach isn't limited to writers. Today, I guide women to harness the pain they experienced and transform it into something magical to help those who are stuck where they used to be.

I've spent more than two decades teaching, coaching, and encouraging women to find their voice and make a difference in the lives of others with stories similar to their own. With my flavor of bibbidi bobbidi boo, I teach women to transform their life by identifying the hidden details and patterns in their experiences, one story at a time. After years of study, it's what I discovered that finally allowed me to heal from my own personal hell.

The process I created works for coaches, podcasters, digital course creators, or anyone who wants to understand and eventually share their story. I offer a variety of tools and techniques to smooth the ruffles in their soul, discover The Golden Thread in their story, clarify their message, and turn insecurities into fairy dust that gives them wings. After that, I show them how to offer hope to those who need it.

My clients call me a fairy godmother. But what they don't realize is that it takes one to know one. We both hear the call to support others on their journey to find peace, clarity, and healing. It's what we fairy godmothers do. 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏽🧚🏿

Want to know what it means to be a real-life fairy godmother?

I offer insight for three kinds of women...
(and ones who struggle with all of it.)

Confused Woman

Those who need a Fairy Godmother.


  • Their life feels like a mess, whether secretly or openly, and they don't know why.
  • They barely tread water everyday.
  • Overwhelm is their closest friend.
  • In their heart, they want to do more than feel stuck, damaged, and alone.
  • They want to make changes but don't know how or are discouraged because they already failed too many times to count.

We start at the very beginning.

Thoughtful Woman

Those who were born Fairy Godmothers but haven’t realized it yet.


  • They lived through some stuff and learned a lesson, or twenty.
  • They want to do something impactful but don't know where to start.
  • They possess a broad set of skills and interests but struggle to channel them.
  • They are the first to show up and the last to leave when they embrace a passion.

We find their Golden Thread.

Confident Woman

Those who struggle to embrace their inner Fairy Godmother.


  • These gals have vision and direction.
  • They started sharing their story, but things aren't going like they wanted.
  • They aren’t sure what to do next because they've tried "everything."
  • They are disheartened and need some help to make sense of where they are and how to get where they want to be.

We sprinkle fairy dust on their dreams.

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I f   t h i s   i s   y o u . . .

Despite what it might look like, these are not three different women. They are same woman navigating the chapters of her life. From overwhelmed participant to victorious overcomer who inspires others, she is a survivor with wisdom to share—even if she doesn't believe it yet. She may be struggling to keep her head up right now, but the passion and purpose are there.

If this is you: I see you. I feel your pain. I hear your silent cry for answers. You are not alone.

I've been each of these women at one time or another, and sometimes, it was all on the same day. I know how powerful it is to find someone who understands the chaos and clarity it takes to identify what happened and rebuild after unsettling events or decades of confusion. It was a long, painful, exhausting journey to figure it all out and become who I am today. While I would be happy to skip the tears and trials, I'd hate to miss the lessons I learned. Because now I can share them with you. There is power to transform yourself, and others, by embracing your story.

We all need a little help once in awhile. I encourage you to sign up for my mailing list in the form below. Each week I tell a piece of my story to show you how to share yours. I'm confident I can bring a bit of bibbidi bobbidi boo to your life.

Let's sprinkle a bit of fairy dust and find out what happens. ✨