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Join Janel Guevara, and her daughters, Melinda and Ariana, for honest conversations on writing, life, and creating Happily Ever After in the shadow of unfortunate circumstances.

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Who are we?


    Janel is the ringleader of this amazing tribe of women. Chief cook and fairy wrangler, she gave up hell for Happily Ever After when she left Boston in 2016 and followed her heart to the Pacific Northwest. You'll find her riding shotgun, sporting Jeep hair, and hiking through forests that feel like fairy tale scenes come to life, probably wearing red lipstick. When she's not herding garden gnomes or studying something new, you can find her, curled up on her husband's work table, writing. For more information about her projects and everything else she does, visit www.janelguevara.com


    Ariana likes to consider herself everyone's favorite background character but Mom and Sis know better. Bright, sassy, observant, and always one to offer the unexpected nugget of wisdom, she never disappoints.

The youngest of the Guevara tribe, she's an artist and budding novelist with a passion for bringing fantasy creatures to life. Her creativity is fueled by nothing less than angst, chocolate, and the desire to create relatable characters. You can follow her on Instagram at @evonyaelyn. Message her directly for prints.


    A bookworm since birth, Melinda's read it all. The stories so good they give you a bliss hangover to books so bad you’re still kicking yourself for finishing. She can smell a great story within a few chapters.

A single mom with a weakness for ice cream and historical dramas, Melinda's eyes opened when she discovered the plot of her crumbling marriage in the pages of a romance novel. She's our resident relationship expert and developmental fiction editor. You can find out more about her coaching services at www.wordswithmel.com