Nonfiction Storytellers Mastermind

Coach Janel Guevara

If you have a message on your heart that you know you need to share, I invite you to join the Nonfiction Storytellers Mastermind.

Releasing thoughts into the world is easy. Sharing the message on your heart with whose who need to hear it most, requires a bit of bibbidi bobbidi boo. Because I know how tedious the process can be, I’ve created a 3-month program to help you on the journey to tell your story.

This mastermind is so much more than a writing course. I’ve created it specifically for women who have a message and are ready to work with a mentor. Whether it’s writing, speaking, podcasting, coaching, or course building, I’ll help you dive deep into your message, decide how to best tell your story, and show you how create a plan based on your strengths.

There’s no reason to make yourself suffer through writing blog posts when you’d much rather host a podcast or show up live on Facebook or Instagram. Nobody wants to google themselves in circles for answers to questions you didn’t know you needed to ask. Let me share my experience to make your journey easier.

Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your story?

What is the focus of the mastermind?

Twice a month we will tackle a different topic:

Module 1: Clarify your story, dreams, vision, and mission.

Module 2: How to share your story with those who need it most.

Module 3: Fears, inadequacies, mindset, and our dance with change.

Module 4: Mechanics. We’ll talk about how to craft our story.

Module 5: Marketing. I'll demystify the process of sharing our story by connecting with the people we want to help.

Module 6: Management. Identifying and conquering all the behind-the-scenes stuff that holds us back from transforming our story into the mission we long for it to be.

Meet Janel Guevara

Each module will be taught with the core values of:

transforming your story into hope

discovering your unique voice

embracing the call of storyteller

stepping into next level faith

bringing femininity into everything you create

working in a way that begins to feel like Happily Ever After

What will the mastermind look like?

In addition to a private course forum, there will be six live calls with me and your mastermind partners. After each live call, I’ll post the videos to the forum. Not only will you have weekday access to me for encouragement and short answers to pressing questions, you'll connect with your mastermind sisters as well.

Every live call will be two hours long and held via Zoom. During the first 20-30 minutes, we’ll tackle the module topic and spend the rest of the hour answering your questions about the module. The second hour, I’ll open the floor for discussion, live editing, and brainstorming with other women, just like you, who are ready to take the next step to share their story.

Who is this program for?

              Women who:

  • want to tell their story but aren’t sure where to start.
  • are beginning to share their story and want to build a firm foundation.
  • are tired of finding the next step on their own.
  • fear they are missing something significant.
  • started sharing their message but aren’t seeing the success and connection they would like.

If this is you, I would love to have you in the mastermind! ­čĺĽ

While I’ve worked with hundreds of women through the years, this is what recent clients had to say:


“I am forever indebted to Janel and her expertise. It was a blessing to find her and work with her!”

Debra from



“She has both a sweet and cheery disposition, but enough umph behind it to motivate. Seriously, Janel is everything a real-life fairy godmother should be.”

Mel from



“A coaching session with Janel was all I needed. She knew how to motivate me, encourage me and, of course, provided some really sound tips. She showed me I could write after all!”

Stacie from


These women worked with me over a handful of sessions. Imagine how three months of daily access might change your story. What could you accomplish in three months?

What can you expect from the mastermind?

* Three months of weekday access to me for encouragement and quick answers to pressing questions.

* Six – 2-hour live calls that will help you clarify your mission, find the golden thread, identify what you are struggling with, and learn practical ways to implement all the things you need to tell your story.

* Answers about the art of sharing your story.

* Questions that will help you determine what you need to tell your story.

* A community of women with the same longing to help and encourage others in some way.

* Lifetime access to the recordings and material.

This mastermind will be an intimate, high-touch group with no more than 8 women.

I can't wait to work with you! 









Join the Nonfiction Storytellers Mastermind!

* Eight FIVE Spaces Remain
* Three TWO Private Coaching Packages Remain

The Nonfiction Storytellers Mastermind is closed until 2021.

See you then!

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Writing is easy.
Telling your story takes some bibbidi bobbidi boo.

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