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Influencing Without Offense

Wow. 2020 has been something else, hasn’t it?

In the last several months, social media has made me want to take up drinking or send everyone to bed early without supper. Seriously. People use words in the most horrible ways.

I started to write a post for my personal Facebook, but when the word count tipped to almost 700, realized I needed to share it with you instead. The TL;DR summary I finally came up with for friends and family: “If you share original thoughts on social media, you are a writer. Don't be a jerk with your words.”

The world needs writers who can clearly and boldly present their stories and heart to influence change and healing without offending the people they long to help.

Whether it’s racism, COVID, politics, or topics of a more personal nature, we must learn to share our stories, express our opinions, and offer real answers to hard problems in a way that encourages others to listen and learn. So many people have pieces to the puzzle, but...

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4 Tips to Keep Readers Reading Even When You're Not Inspired to Write

Life is usually feast or famine.  There will be some seasons as writers where the only thing we do is write. The ideas flow and words become an endless stream. We can’t be sidetracked and it’s wonderful! We astonish ourselves by all the content. Other times, nary a word will flow from our pens.

As writers, our job is to learn to leverage and channel our creativity to keep us writing when things aren’t so inspired. That way our readers still get the best of us, even when the blank page mocks us. Implementing a few tips can make all the difference between delivering new content and disappointing readers.

Create a publishing schedule. Faithful readers deserve consistent content. They come to count on you. If you know you want to write one email newsletter a month, a blog post each week, and share two Instagram photos, you get a better sense of how much content you need to create. Delivering something for publication by 3pm becomes much easier.

Choose a weekly...

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How can I find new readers without being pushy or feeling gross?

“Look away! If you don’t make eye contact, they’ll leave you alone.”

I hope I’m not the only one irritated by pushy salespeople at mall kiosks. People running at me with open bottles of hand cream and free samples ruffle my sensibilities. One, I have allergies and some of those “wonderful” elixirs will blister my skin with just a drop. Two, do these people have no respect for boundaries and personal space? After two and a half decades of watching salespeople as an adult, clearly, many do not.

My first job was tending shop for a family friend who sold nutritional supplements. I was immersed in my naturopathic studies at the time, so it was a great fit. I remember her instructions: “Answer questions and offer suggestions, but never get pushy with products. I don’t care if other managers are only selling programs. We live in an economically depressed area. People may need what we have, but they won’t buy if they don’t...

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