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Influencing Without Offense

Wow. 2020 has been something else, hasn’t it?

In the last several months, social media has made me want to take up drinking or send everyone to bed early without supper. Seriously. People use words in the most horrible ways.

I started to write a post for my personal Facebook, but when the word count tipped to almost 700, realized I needed to share it with you instead. The TL;DR summary I finally came up with for friends and family: “If you share original thoughts on social media, you are a writer. Don't be a jerk with your words.”

The world needs writers who can clearly and boldly present their stories and heart to influence change and healing without offending the people they long to help.

Whether it’s racism, COVID, politics, or topics of a more personal nature, we must learn to share our stories, express our opinions, and offer real answers to hard problems in a way that encourages others to listen and learn. So many people have pieces to the puzzle, but...

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Defining “Happily Ever After” and “Following Your Dreams” - Part 2

If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

Whether urban legend or real life, somebody knows someone who knows a gal who “followed their dreams” and it turned into a living nightmare. Maybe it was a spouse who quit their job to pursue a business, only to fail and lose the house. The woman who ran off, leaving those in her life to wonder why. Or the college-age kid who went off on an adventure and ended up dead. There’s always a horror story, but someone’s bad luck pursuing a dream doesn’t mean we will have the same experience.

As I see it, there are two kinds of dreams. One is the kid who lays under the stars and has visions of a sci-fi-esque life, meeting aliens and traveling in the vastness of space. While technology is still developing so extended space travel could happen in the next century or two, there’s no guarantee other intelligent life forms are anywhere to be found. These fantasy-based dreams are fun to think about, but not likely to...

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Defining “Happily Ever After” and “Following Your Dreams” - Part 1

Some of us swoon when the hero gets the girl at the end of our favorite books and movies. We squeal over True Love’s Kiss. We giggle at the first hint of love among our dearest friends and can’t wait for wedding season. We love Happily Ever After.


While we dance in the kitchen, humming our favorite tunes, there’s another side to reality: people hurt each other on purpose. They steal, lie, and cheat. Those beloved to us die unexpectedly or after long, painful illnesses. Jobs are lost, reputations are ruined by unfortunate choices, and situations arise, in an instant, to change us forever.

For every happy moment, where our romantic imagination runs free, there is someone standing by with a scowl and a story to remind us that “Happily Ever After doesn’t exist in real life.” Well, yes and no. I believe that maintaining a real, yet objective perspective, is key. But I also believe that you find what you seek.

Remember when you were young and a...

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Defining “Happily Ever After” and “Following Your Dreams” - Introduction 

If you read here at the site or check out my videos, you’ll find I talk a lot about “Happily Ever After” and “following your dreams.” Every coach, guru, and motivation speaker has their take on success. Happily Ever After is my version. I want to define what I mean by both so everyone’s on the same page.

First, I don’t want to get a bunch of hate mail blaming me because their wife visited my site, then “followed her dreams” to “Happily Ever After” and ran off with the barista at the local coffee shop. Yeah, no. That’s not at all what I mean or encourage. Thoughtless behavior impacts those we love and have made commitments. It has no place in an intentionally lived life.

More importantly, I don’t want you to think I’m out of touch with reality. Dishwashers break, people get sick, and unpleasant stuff happens. Some of this leaves us very unhappy. Life is not a movie where difficulties are resolved and...

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