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Influencing Without Offense

Wow. 2020 has been something else, hasn’t it?

In the last several months, social media has made me want to take up drinking or send everyone to bed early without supper. Seriously. People use words in the most horrible ways.

I started to write a post for my personal Facebook, but when the word count tipped to almost 700, realized I needed to share it with you instead. The TL;DR summary I finally came up with for friends and family: “If you share original thoughts on social media, you are a writer. Don't be a jerk with your words.”

The world needs writers who can clearly and boldly present their stories and heart to influence change and healing without offending the people they long to help.

Whether it’s racism, COVID, politics, or topics of a more personal nature, we must learn to share our stories, express our opinions, and offer real answers to hard problems in a way that encourages others to listen and learn. So many people have pieces to the puzzle, but...

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Redeem Your Pain & Encourage Your Readers

For weeks now, so many people everywhere have been scared COVID-19 will claim the lives of their loved ones. The stories on the news are gut wrenching. We pray for those caring for the ill and those left behind, grieving. But not so secretly, we fervently hope it doesn’t happen to us and ours.

Imagine my surprise when my dearest friend called late on Palm Sunday. The tremble in her voice made me wonder if they had contracted the virus. Even though she was sitting in a hospital parking lot, 1500 miles away, it wasn’t COVID-19. Her husband was alone in the emergency room triage, having a heart attack.

We cried. We prayed. I tried to offer words of hope.

Life can be so disturbingly unpredictable sometimes.

In December of 2016, my father passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. My cousin, who is a nurse and lives next door, was there within minutes and performed CPR. Unfortunately, Dad took his last breath in my mother’s arms before my cousin arrived.


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Writing When Crisis Hits

writing in crisis Mar 24, 2020

How are you doing?

Really. How are you?

That’s not just a polite question you ask a stranger at a party. I genuinely want to know how you’re holding up. I hope you’re doing okay, if not, that’s okay too.

I think most of us can agree the world is a frightening place right now. The thought of living without toilet paper is almost as scary as getting the virus. In times like this, fear and hope play hide and seek amongst reality.

I’ve been delaying writing about the current pandemic. Everyone has been weighing in. I wanted to have something helpful or encouraging to add to the conversation. 

I also like to show up after the original crowd of well-wishing supporters disappear. See, everyone is super supportive at the beginning of a crisis. But within a couple weeks, those helpful people vanish, never to be heard from again. And those are the moments when we need someone the most.

I’m sure most of you have endured the pain of losing someone...

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